To contribute to the production of high quality beef by creating cattle capable of generating profitability for our customers and us.


  • Focus on the customer & their success
  • Integrity & honesty
  • Discipline & hard-work
  • Independent-thinking & open-mindedness
  • Environmental & financial sustainability
  • Progress & improvement
  • Accountability & data-driven analysis
  • Loyalty & friendship
  • Realism & candor

Our Program

Our goal is to produce seed stock that are progressive and can contribute to profitability for both ourselves and our customers. We strive to produce animals that rank at the top of the Angus breed for calving ease, growth and end product superiority in a pleasing physical package. Customer service is important to us and our most enjoyable experiences involve building and maintaining relationships with our customers and other industry participants.

We use numerous analytical tools to assist in pursuing our goals, including actual performance, EPDs, DNA profiles, ultrasound scanning and visual appraisal. We measure the ability to excel for calving ease through both the CED and BW EPDs. Because many of our customers market their cattle at weaning, we also strive to produce animals that are elite for the $W EPD index. Lastly, in addition to ourselves, quite a few of our commercial customers retain ownership in fed cattle, leading us to value animals that excel for post weaning performance (growth and end product) as evidenced by the $B EPD index.

The core of our program is our donor unit, which we enroll in a progressive embryo transfer effort to produce elite herd sire prospects and replacement females that can move our program forward. Many of our donors rank in the top 1% of the Angus breed for CED, $W or $B. Our goal is to build a deep herd of animals that are visually pleasing and also rank in the top 1% for each of these EPDs, which means that Daltons on the Sycamore cattle can make an impact on registered and commercial herds alike regardless of how breeders market their calves.

We understand the different components of the value chain because we participate in nearly all of them. Beef produced from Daltons on the Sycamore genetics should lead to an above average dining experience and our goal is that those industry participants who utilize our animals to produce beef will earn higher profits in the process of doing so.

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Gretna, VA, 24557.
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